What is 

Acrylic Signage?

Acrylic signs for office use represent modern and innovative visual communication solutions often placed strategically in reception areas, conference rooms, and other key locations within your premises. At Super Custom Signs, we offer two printing methods: surface printing and subsurface printing. Surface printing involves applying the design directly onto the front of the acrylic sheet using traditional methods. In contrast, subsurface printing is a distinctive process where the design is printed on the back of the sign panel, resulting in a striking three-dimensional effect.

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Common Types of Acrylic Signs

    Clear acrylic signage: For those who appreciate the clarity and refined look of glass signs but seek a more cost-effective and low-maintenance option, acrylic wall signs are an excellent choice. Plexiglass panels are lighter and easier to install compared to traditional glass alternatives.

    Frosted plexiglass signs: Featuring an elegant blurred finish, frosted acrylic signs are ideal for creating a subdued yet professional atmosphere. They are particularly suited for settings like government offices, corporate headquarters, and law firms where a sophisticated appearance is paramount.

    Contour-cut plexiglass in Macon: Custom acrylic signs with contour cutting offer a modern and vibrant enhancement to any environment, such as reception areas or conference rooms. The precise trimming according to your design specifications ensures a tailored and eye-catching display.

    Dimensional letters and logos: As your trusted acrylic sign specialist, we also offer dimensional signs crafted from premium acrylic materials. These signs are perfect for adding a distinctive touch to your facility’s most important spaces, enhancing visibility and brand presence.


    Uses of Acrylic Signs for Your Macon Company

    Create a branded environment: Installing acrylic office signs strategically designed to match your unique brand personality is a fantastic way to elevate your facility's atmosphere. This strategy enhances brand recognition, boosts employee morale, and improves customer satisfaction.

    Make clients feel welcome: The lobby is one of the most critical areas in your facility as it shapes visitors' first impressions of your company. Investing in high-quality marketing tools, such as acrylic wall signs, demonstrates your brand's reputation and trustworthiness, creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients.

    Present a professional image: The quality of your business signs often reflects the perceived quality of your products and services. Super Custom Signs offers some of the most impressive plexiglass signs in Macon, highlighting your brand's best features and ensuring a professional appearance that resonates with customers.

    Identify rooms and important spaces: Whether you need to display suite numbers or indicate restricted areas, acrylic signs effectively convey messages while adding visual appeal to your environment.

    Provide directional information: From basic arrows to comprehensive floor maps, plexiglass signs serve as excellent tools for guiding visitors throughout your building. They deliver clear wayfinding information while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your space.

    #1 Acrylic Sign Company in Macon, GA

    Acrylic Plaque

    Super Custom Signs stands apart as a premier provider of acrylic signage, offering a comprehensive array of strategically crafted solutions designed to deliver enduring and measurable benefits. Whether your Macon office requires multiple frosted wall signs or a singular logo display, rest assured our team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations.

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