What is 

ADA Signage?

Custom ADA signs in Macon are meticulously designed, manufactured, and installed to assist individuals with visual impairments. These specialized accessibility solutions are crucial investments for businesses across Macon and its surrounding areas. As per ADA guidelines, these signs must feature:

  • Universal symbols
  • Simple, non-decorative fonts
  • Matte finishes to prevent glare
  • High-contrast between background and text colors
  • Braille on all permanent and critical areas
  • And other specifications mandated by ADA regulations.
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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of ADA Signs in Macon

    Amenity signs: These personalized Braille signs are frequently used to identify conference rooms, reception areas, restrooms, cafeterias, parking lots, and even vending machine locations. Installing them enhances customer satisfaction by demonstrating your concern for their needs.

    Exit ADA compliant signs: These critical visual aids are designed to guide your employees and clients to the nearest exit points during emergencies. Our team ensures these signs are strategically placed for optimal visibility, even in low-light conditions.

    Stairwell, escalator, and elevator Braille signs: Customers often struggle to locate stairs and elevators in large facilities. Providing directional cues and labels for these areas saves their time and improves their experience. Your effort in facilitating easy navigation will be appreciated by customers.

    Room designation ADA signs “near me”: To guide employees and guests on room access and restrictions, investing in high-quality ADA Braille signs is essential. These signs are typically installed in hotels, hospitals, spas, and similar establishments to clarify permitted areas and restricted rooms.


    Uses of ADA Signs

    As a business owner, you might question the importance of these signs when they don’t directly promote your products and services. However, not all signage is strictly for advertising. Some are designed to enhance the overall experience for your employees and customers.

    Investing in accessible signage in Macon is crucial because it promotes safety and convenience within your establishment. ADA signs also demonstrate that your brand is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with disabilities are accommodated and respected.


    #1 ADA sign company in Macon, GA

    Super Custom Signs excels in crafting top-tier visual communication and marketing tools tailored for diverse industries. As leaders in our field, we prioritize solutions that significantly enhance your company's value.

    ADA signs near Macon demand meticulous attention to detail; even minor errors can lead to significant issues for your business. These range from safety incidents and dissatisfied customers to legal repercussions and fines. To mitigate these risks, it's essential to partner with a trusted sign company equipped with the necessary experience, expertise, and technology to produce compliant ADA bathroom signs.

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