With a blade sign, you can increase foot traffic, promote your brand, and improve the appearance of your storefront. These distinctive, eye-catching signs can be found in quaint downtowns, on the sides of popular shops that people frequent, and on storefronts within larger structures such as malls. Small blade signs can be found in front of small boutique shops, and large blade signs can be found on the sides of hotels. Find out everything you need to know about them right here.

What Are Blade Signs?

These signs are typically mounted on and projected from the storefront of your building. They’re placed at an elevated height, directly in front of incoming foot traffic.

Hanging blade signs are one of the most effective methods of getting noticed. Even from a distance, they’re difficult to miss. These signs can be illuminated to improve visibility as well.

Custom blade signs for your Warner Robins, GA business can be expensive depending on size, material, and design. However, with all the traffic and sales, these signs will eventually pay for themselves.

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    Exterior Projecting Signs for Platinum in Warner Robins, GA

    Types of Blade Signs: 

    Signs with rectangular and flat blades have traditionally been made and hung above a store from chains on a pole or extension. These signs have been used in some capacity for hundreds of years because they’re among the best store signs a company can have to attract customers.

    • Illuminated Blade Signs
    • Projecting Signs
    • Custom Projecting Sign
    • Illuminated Projecting Sign
    • 3D Blade Signs
    • Custom Blade Sign Shapes
    • Hand Painted Blade Signs
    • Swinging Blade Signs
    • Wall-Mounted Scroll Bracket Blade Signs
    • Stationary Blade Signs
    • Double-Sided Blade Signs

    Uses for Blade Signs:

    What can you do with custom blade signs? They’re extremely versatile signs that serve more than one purpose at the same time. These signs could be used for a variety of purposes, including:

    • Wayfinding: Showing visitors where your building is located.
    • Promotion: Promoting your brand, as well as your services and products.
    • Brand Impression: Making sure everyone passing by gets a good impression of what your business has to offer.
    • Foot Traffic: Increasing foot traffic to your location.

    Your Trusted Blade Sign Company in Warner Robins, GA

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