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Get your business noticed with channel letters. These signs are often installed in storefronts to attract potential and regular customers. These three-dimensional communication tools called custom channel letter signs are individually cut, molded, and installed outside of your building. LED tubes can pass through the hollowed-out portions of each letter. They give your storefront a colorful touch that is noticeable and simple to recall.

As a full-service sign company in Warner Robins, GA, Super Custom Signs provides top-quality signage solutions to all your signage needs. You have more freedom to be inventive or adhere to your strict branding requirements since they are highly customizable.

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    Channel Letters For Fogata

    Types of Channel Letters

    We have several types of channel letters available for you to choose from. We offer lighted channel letters that give your sign a more appealing look compared with your competitors.

    Front-Lit Sign

    A front-lit sign also called a face-lit sign, is the most typical type of channel letter sign. Face-lit signs have power supplies hidden behind the exterior signage and illuminated channel letters that shine brightly from the front acrylic face. Due to the acrylic face's durability and ease of removal in the event that neon or LED modules need to be changed, face-lit signs are a popular option.

    Reverse Lit
    Reverse-lit channel letters, also known as back-lit or halo-lit, create a reflective halo effect by reflecting light from neon or LED lights to the back wall where they are mounted. Reverse-lit channel letters have an aluminum face as opposed to an acrylic face to better reflect light back and increase the halo effect. Because of the eye-catching effects produced by various textures, colors, and shadows, some choose reverse-lit channel lights.
    Combination of Front and Reverse-Lit
    Another option for businesses in Warner Robins, GA is a combination of face-lit and reverse-lit channel letter signs for a striking, polished appearance that draws attention throughout the day. Numerous options and various lighting profiles are available with face- and reverse-lit channel letter signs to best highlight the company name.
    Open Face

    We strongly advise getting open-face LED channel letter signs if you're looking for vintage-looking signs. The light tubes are bare and exposed because they don't have translucent faces. It produces a gorgeous illumination style that eerily resembles neon signs.

    Provider of High-Quality Channel Letter Installation Services

    Super Custom Signs is the sign company in Warner Robins, GA to rely on if you're looking for channel letters close to where you are. Our team of specialists carefully evaluates all your signage requirements and offers the best solutions to help you accomplish your objectives. We guarantee that the best tools and materials are used to create each and every one of our products.

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