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Are you searching for a hanging sign company that can provide you with high-level signage projects? If so, look no further than Super Custom Signs! We are located in the Warner Robins, GA area, and specialize in making multiple signs for clients, often redecorating an entire office, storefront, or building.

Our business-casual voice is perfect for B2B clients who want a professional look without sacrificing personality. We boast a well-trained and motivated team that is always ready to serve.

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    What Are Hanging Signs?

    Hanging Business Signs for Stores in Warner Robins, GA

    Hanging signs are a type of signage that are suspended from the ceiling or another overhead structure. They are often used in retail settings to draw attention to sales or special promotions. There are many different types of hanging signs, including acrylic, PVC, banner, and wood signs.

    The cost of hanging signs will vary depending on the materials used and the size of the sign. Hanging business signs are a great way to promote your company in a professional setting, and Super Custom Signs is your one-stop shop for all of your hanging sign needs!

    Below, we will walk you through some of our most popular hanging sign options.

    The Different Types of Hanging Signs

    These days, there are many different kinds of hanging signs available on the market.

    Acrylic hanging signs
    Acrylic hanging signs are made of a durable plastic that is perfect for indoor use. They are available in a variety of colors to afford our clients a variety of choice.
    PVC hanging signs
    PVC hanging signs are made of weatherproof PVC, and are perfect for outdoor use. They are also available in a various colors, and can be custom-printed with your company logo or message.
    Banner hanging signs
    Banner hanging signs are made of weatherproof vinyl and are perfect for outdoor use. Engraved hanging signs, on the other hand, are made of weather-resistant materials like aluminum, brass, or bronze. These signs can be hung indoors or outdoors, and will last for years with little to no maintenance.
    Aluminum hanging signs
    Aluminum hanging signs are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. They are lightweight yet durable, making them easy to hang and resistant to weather damage. Aluminite signs are a type of aluminum sign that is reinforced with a corrugated plastic core, making them even more sturdy. Ceiling hanging signs, are made to be suspended from the ceiling and are perfect for indoor use.
    Outdoor hanging signs
    Outdoor hanging signs, which can be wooden, metallic, or Coroplast (corrugated plastic), are a great way of promoting your business. Wood hanging signs give a rustic look, while metallic hanging signs have a more modern appeal.
    HDU hanging signs
    Lastly, HDU hanging signs are made of high-density urethane, and are perfect for both indoor or outdoor use.

    We Are Your Expert Custom Sign Maker

    Clearly, Super Custom Signs provides a wide selection of hanging signs that are perfect for any business. We are located near Warner Robins, GA, and serve clients throughout the area. Warner Robins is the heart of renowned technical institutions, making it the ideal place for our well-qualified staff.

    Contact us today, within or outside Warner Robins, because no matter what type of hanging sign you are looking for, Super Custom Signs has you covered!

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