Boost your Macon business with eye-catching vehicle graphics that turn heads and attract potential clients wherever you travel. At Super Custom Signs, we specialize in creating vibrant vehicle wraps and decals customized to your exact specifications. Whether it's company cars, buses, vans, trailers, golf carts, lawnmowers, boats, trucks, or semi-trucks, we transform any vehicle into a powerful mobile advertisement for your brand.

Super Custom Signs produces vinyl wraps and decals of your dreams. Aside from official company cars, we also install your signs on other vehicle types, such as:

  • Buses
  • Vans  
  • Trailers
  • Golf carts
  • Lawnmowers
  • Boats
  • Trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • And more!

Branded vehicle wraps add a professional touch, ideal for companies delivering parcels, transporting supplies, or providing on-site services in Macon. Enhance customer trust in your team and services with every journey.

Furthermore, our vehicle wraps and decals significantly enhance your brand's visibility throughout Macon and nearby areas. With each trip, your vehicles generate countless impressions, making this form of advertising remarkably cost-effective in terms of vehicle wrap near me. Ready to maximize your brand's exposure? Contact us today to discuss your vehicle-wrapped needs and elevate your marketing strategy with Super Custom Signs.

Wraps and decals also boost your brand visibility to more people. By doing business-related errands and tasks within or beyond Byron, you can effortlessly gain hundreds if not thousands of impressions. When you do the math, the cost per impression is much less than other advertising modes.


    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Vehicle Signs in Macon

    • Full wraps: For maximum impact with your mobile billboards, opt for complete wraps. These cover every inch of your vehicle's exterior, providing ample space for high-resolution graphics and essential details to captivate your target audience. Additionally, they offer an added layer of protection to your vehicle's original paint job. Should you wish to revert to a regular vehicle or sell it in the future, full vinyl wraps eliminate the need for costly repairs. While not the most economical option upfront, full wraps deliver unparalleled benefits among all types of vehicle signage.
    • Partial wraps: Ideal for business owners seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising visibility, partial wraps focus on specific areas of your vehicles. Whether it's the back, hood, door panels, or elsewhere, these wraps highlight key messages effectively. They are quicker to produce and easier to install than full wraps, making them perfect for quickly deploying ads that demand immediate attention.
    • Vinyl decals: Looking for a budget-friendly option? Vehicle decals efficiently display essential company information such as logos, addresses, and contact numbers. Simple to install and replace, decals are ideal for temporary advertisements during special events or promotions, offering flexibility and affordability.
    • Vehicle magnets: Reusable magnets are an excellent choice for contractors and solo service professionals who utilize company vehicles for work and personal use. They provide a versatile advertising solution, particularly useful in areas with advertising restrictions or for freelancers like cleaners, plumbers, electricians, and pet groomers who operate independently outside regular business hours.

    Customized Vehicle Wraps and Decals for You   

    Full Body Trailer Wrap

    As your trusted sign company in Byron, Super Custom Signs is highly capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality vehicle signs that look stunning and impressive. We utilize high-quality equipment and materials to fabricate weather-resistant, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant vinyl fleet wraps. Our collaborative approach ensures your full contentment with every task completed.

    Free Vehicle Wrap and Decal Consultation in Macon

    Are you considering investing in advertising wraps for cars, bus wraps, fleet wraps, or truck decals, but unsure where to start? Rest assured, our team in Macon is here to guide you through every step of the sign-making process. From selecting the right type of signage to creating designs that resonate with your target audience, Super Custom Signs is committed to delivering exceptional results.

    Whether you're looking for a small logo sticker or a comprehensive wrap solution for your entire fleet of vehicles, we are fully prepared to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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