August 2, 2023

Adding customized signage to your business is an excellent way to boost brand awareness, ensure people know where you are, and even announce forthcoming or current offers and sales. But the question here is: what does it all cost?

The cost of company and retail signage is determined by various factors. So if you’re wondering what it might cost, the honest answer is that there is no fixed cost. Factors like size, materials that will be used, design difficulty, and installation costs (which are determined by how difficult it is to install the sign) are taken into account while determining the cost of building signs.

If you're ready to purchase signs for your business, Super Custom Signs is here to help you in factoring in the cost of signage. In this article, we will go over different factors you need to consider when looking for a good signage company and planning your signs.


While each commercial signage company has its unique price strategy, you need to also consider your budget. When selecting how much to spend on your corporate signs, keep in mind that you don't want to spend too much of your entire budget on one sign, because you might need to have signage displayed throughout your entire facility, not just at the front of your entrance.

So, what influences cost? Let's get into it!


When it comes to placing outdoor signs, each municipality has its own set of rules. These might range from the size of the signage to the location of your signs. So it’s always best to be in the know—luckily, we take care of that for you as well.


The kind of signage is an important consideration. There is generally a design aspect that raises the cost of your signs, although certain products are simple to customize and make. So, for example, the cost of a monument sign will be very different than the cost of a small storefront sign. The size alone is enough to make the costs wildly different in this case.


Different materials and production procedures might raise the cost of a sign. A stainless steel interpretive indoor display sign, for example, is more expensive than a wood or recycled plastic counterpart.


The size of a custom sign influences its cost because larger signs take more materials and labor to manufacture. This is true regardless of the material you use or the signage business you choose. A pylon sign, for example, are large freestanding signs that are placed outside to capture attention. Those will cost considerably more than wall graphics, or lobby signs, for example.


You may require a single sign or a comprehensive directions solution for a whole facility or outdoor area. The higher the estimated expenditures, the greater the number/quantity of signs necessary.


This means everything from drawings to creative design to signage strategy. If you already have designs prepared, the overall expenses will be lower because you will not require further help from the provider. However, if you need an outside service that involves branding and graphic design, you should be prepared to invest a bit more.


The type of installation required for the sign is another aspect that might have an impact on the cost of sign manufacture. Signs may need to be mounted on walls, poles, or other buildings, which may need additional expenses such as structural considerations.


Talk to the business sign specialists at Super Custom Signs if you're unsure about the type, size, and style of sign you should choose. We can help you narrow down your selections and create a sign that is appropriate for your company and budget.

Remember to keep your budget in mind while you decide, as well as what you need your sign to do for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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