What is 

Acrylic Signage?

Banners are an inexpensive way to optimize your marketing message and share it with as many individuals as possible. They may be a quick and straightforward answer to your short-term advertising needs.

Depending on your exact use and preferred designs, custom banners can be printed on vinyl, polypropylene, mesh, and a variety of other materials. At Super Custom Signs, we ensure to provide quality banners that offer many different options, such as mesh (large format printing), as a retractable banner stand, mounted with X frames, or even serve as flags.

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    What Are Custom Banners?

    Custom banners are a type of indoor or outdoor advertising that is cost-effective, flexible, and versatile. The bulk of banners are now created digitally, in full color, using large-format printing equipment. The most popular substance is PVC, which is a heavy-weight plastic. The weights of the various banner materials vary, and banners can be double-sided or single-sided depending on the material.

    Businesses in Warner Robins, Georgia frequently employ banner advertising. When compared to other marketing methods, banners are a low-cost, high-impact solution. Its towering height gives your organization tremendous visibility even from a distance. This means that banners and signs are perfect for gaining maximum exposure on a small budget.

    Different Vinyl Banner Materials for Your Sign

    With so many materials to pick from, how can you know which one is the best? Great question!

    It all comes down to your goals and vision for your banner. Is the banner going to be displayed inside or outside? Do certain materials have greater ink compatibility for specific colors?

    Here are a few examples of materials that you can consider:

    • Mesh Vinyl:Mesh vinyl banners are an excellent investment if you need a long-term sign solution. This material is more expensive than regular vinyl, but its long-lasting quality makes it a fantastic investment.
    • Adhesive Vinyl Banners:Adhesive vinyl banners are a great substitute for free-standing banners. One of the most significant benefits of adhesive banners is that they adhere to almost any surface, eliminating the need to worry about your banner blowing over or flapping noisily in the wind.
    • Polyester Fabric Banners:For professional-looking advertising, fabric banners provide crisp, high-quality color and photo-quality printing. These polyester fabric banners are ideal for indoor usage and are printed with a dye-sublimation technique that produces bright photo-quality color.
    • Canvas Banners:Many canvas banners are constructed of quality cotton canvas, which is a highly durable material that has been used for many years in heavy-duty applications such as workwear and boat sails. Canvas is a high-quality material because of its wind resistance and artistic beauty.

    Why Choose Super Custom Signs for Vinyl Banner Printing?

    Vinyl Window Graphics for Barber by Super Custom Signs

    Banner and poster printing services allow you to have many signs working for you at once. As a result, printing vinyl banners is affordable, offers quick turnaround times, and is great for marketing your business in many areas.

    Super Custom Signs would happily assist you with any of your signage requirements. Working with a specialist can help you optimize the value of your design. Call us at (478) 993-0302 to talk to one of our signage experts today about your business’ signage needs!

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