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Acrylic Signage?

Looking for a solution to give your company a facelift or refresh its image? Super Custom Signs' storefront illuminated cabinet signs will beautifully highlight your company name and logo day and night.

Cabinet signs, often known as "wall" or "box" signs, are a popular type of illuminated signage that offers your business an added edge after the sun goes down. At Super Custom Signs, we ensure to deliver high-quality business signs to our clients, regardless of the project size or business's industry.

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    What Are Cabinet Signs?

    Cabinet signs are signs that are built of manufactured metal or extruded aluminum frames with an inserted sign face. The sign face is personalized with your company’s name, logo, and other branded details. It can be constructed of many materials. The cabinet gives your sign depth and solidity, and it can use energy-efficient LED lighting and electrical connections to illuminate the design and messaging.

    The cabinet can be wall-mounted or positioned as a freestanding sign, much like a monument or pole sign. It can be single or double-sided and be used both indoors and outside. There are countless options available to you, which means creating your ideal signage will be a breeze.

    Different Types of Cabinet Signs for Your Business:

    Commercial cabinet signs come in a variety of styles, each with its own distinct characteristics. Here are a few examples of the most prevalent types:

    • Standard Cabinet Signs: As the most basic kind of cabinet sign, these consist of a rectangle or square box construction with an acrylic front face. The sign's images and words are often lit from within the front face, creating an even and brilliant display.
    • Slim Cabinet Signs: As their name suggests, these signs are slimmer and more streamlined than traditional cabinet signs. These outdoor cabinet signs are frequently utilized when space is restricted, or a more contemporary appearance is desired.
    • Backlit Cabinet Signs: These signs include a light source that is behind the sign face, resulting in a dynamic display. Backlit signage is very visible at night and can have a significant impact on customer attraction.
    • Double-Sided Cabinet Signs: This sign solution has two sign faces that allow them to be seen from multiple directions. They’re typically utilized by companies located on street corners or in high-traffic regions. Graphics and phrases adapted to the individual viewing angle may be produced for each face of the sign.
    • Custom Cabinet Signs: Are you looking for virtually endless design options? This sign is available in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs, allowing businesses to create a one-of-a-kind and personalized signage solution. To produce visually appealing sign features such as cutouts, 3D components, unique lighting effects, and specialist materials may be included.

    Trust Super Custom Signs for Your Next Cabinet Sign

    Whether you’re looking for stunning retail cabinet signs or informative restaurant cabinet signs, come to Super Custom Signs. From design and manufacturing to installation and ongoing repairs, we offer all the sign services you could possibly need.

    For custom signage services in Warner Robins, Georgia, contact us now. We can begin creating your sign right away, and it’ll be displayed at your site as soon as possible. Give our company a call at (478)-993-0302 to talk to one of our signage experts today!

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