Effective Wayfinding Signage Solutions for Seamless Navigation

Effective custom wayfinding signs give important information and point-to-point direction.

They can be used to provide directions and instructions. They may also be utilized creatively to emphasize your company's identity and logo.

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    Wayfinding Signs

    What Are Directional Or Wayfinding Signs?

    As the name indicates, wayfinding signage aids in navigating a company, institution, or other physical site. It will direct you from one spot to another and track your progress along a path.

    Customers will feel more at ease in your building if you have clear and efficient navigational signs. They will also feel more empowered since they will be able to discover what they are searching for without having to ask for assistance. Allow Super Custom Signs to help you through the whole sign-making process.

    Types of Directional Signs

    There are four kinds of wayfinding signs: identifying, directional, informative, and regulatory.

    Identification Signs

    The most common kind of directional signage is identification signs. This sort of sign will alert your guests when they arrive at their destination within your building.

    Informational Signs

    When compared to identifying signs, informational signage is more general. This signage is applicable across the building. Signs with information should be put in locations where many people would see them, such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and entrances.  

    Directional Signs

    Customers and guests will be able to navigate your space via directional wayfinding. Your signage should be legible and should act as a sort of tour guide throughout your facility. 

    Regulatory Signs

    These signs are concerned with both visitor safety and liability considerations. These signs will advise your guests on what is and is not appropriate, as well as where they can and cannot go. You must make certain that your regulation signage is visible, clear, and succinct.

    Common Uses of Wayfinding Signs in Your Building

    This signage should also be utilized to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere surrounding your building.  It is critical to maintain your signage as aesthetically appealing, basic, and straightforward as possible. This guarantees that everyone, regardless of age or aptitude, can understand it.

    Use landmarks or a more straightforward left/right strategy to create your sign, by using symbols, arrows, words, or a mix of all three.

    Best Ways To Post Your Directional Sign

    Directional signs guide us throughout a space. While we may not notice them when they’re readily available to us, when they’re absent from a space, we can become lost and frustrated. They are most commonly installed in lobbies, waiting rooms, or entrances.

    This signage is particularly useful for the following spaces:

    • Hospitals and offices
    • Educational and financial institutions
    • Tourist attractions
    • Restaurants and bars
    • Shopping malls, retail stores, and car dealerships


    Custom Exterior Directional Signage by Super Custom Signs

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