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Super Custom Signs is a new and upcoming business-to-business service with expertise in monument signs. We focus on higher-level projects covering a large array of services, mainly concentrating on monument signs.

Examples of the different types of monument signs that Super Custom Signs create for our clients include:

  • Modern monument signs
  • Custom monument signs
  • Commercial monument signs
  • Architectural monument signs
  • Monument signs for business
  • Brick monument signs
  • Electronic monument signs
  • LED monument signs
  • Foam monument signs

Super Custom Signs works on high-end projects surrounding large construction pieces and making multiple signs for offices, buildings, storefronts, and anything with monument signs. All our signs can be customized based on our customers’ vision.

Due to our extensive training for our employees, we offer several types of monument signs and precise cost estimates. This way, our clients can have all their sign options available at the best price possible for the right product.


    What type of signage are you looking for?

    What Are Monument Signs?

    Monument signs are similar to channel letter signs, except that they are installed within the ground and usually appear as a solid structure. Monument signs are usually large and freestanding and are dug in ground adjacent to a company building.

    Monument signs are attractive to different business owners because they are completely weather resistant and can maintain their original appearance for many years. Other types of signs can be damaged in a storm, depreciate in appearance over time, or become damaged by physical circumstances, but monument signs often remain standing no matter the external conditions.

    Monument signs can be made from brick, stone, wood, steel, or plastic. Thus, there are multiple options for all our clients depending on their vision for their business. In addition, monument signs have done wonders for marketing a company, as the sign itself will through time become a community landmark.

    Custom Monument Sign for Badlands National Park in Warner Robins, GA

    Types of Services Offered at Super Custom Signs

    Indoor signage is important to impress your customers, but outdoor signs always need to catch the attention of passersby and let them know that your business suits their needs. Because Super Custom Signs focuses on many types of projects and are willing to make multiple signs for our clients, we are best suited to create your outdoor signs.

    Monument signs can also be implemented and created in any way that will help your customers.

    Your Partner near Warner Robins, GA and the Surrounding Area

    Super Custom Signs is excited to announce that we will be opening our services in the Warner Robins, GA area Georgia. Those of you looking for monument sign installation in the area will be glad to know that Warner Robins will now be receiving our services.

    We realize that the city has many companies that need to improve their marketing strategies. That’s why we’re ready to provide the best service possible, especially when it comes to monument signs.

    Contact us today for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a monument sign?
    A monument sign is a ground-level sign that allows drivers and passersby to easily see information about your business. It is typically built out of stone, brick, stainless steel, plastic, or other long-lasting materials.
    How much does a monument sign cost?
    These signs come in price ranges depending on their type, size, design, materials, lighting, and placement. Simpler designs might cost less than those with elaborate logos and fonts. Contact us today for more information about our pricing options.
    What is the difference between a pylon and a monument sign?
    Monument signs are typically better seen from a short distance, whereas pylon signs are mounted on a pole that is raised a few feet higher than monument signs, making them more visible from a distance.
    How long does it take to create a monument sign?
    The time it takes to complete a project depends on the kind of material, size, and design of your signage. Our design experts can advise you on the best color and material combinations to achieve your objectives. For a free consultation, contact us at +1 478 315 9944.
    What are the benefits of monument signs?
    These signs are ideal for announcing your company's presence in the community because they are designed with a stunning architectural component. They leave a permanent impression on motorists and bystanders. Aside from advertising your business 24 hours a day, they also improve the aesthetic value of the neighborhood.
    Do I need a permit for a monument sign?
    The municipality or city requires engineered drawings for exterior signs (especially large signs). Permits are often included in the price charged by sign companies who also process them on your behalf. To learn more about this, please contact our helpful staff at +1 478 315 9944.
    How long do monument signs last?
    As much as we would like to say that monument signs last for a very long time without maintenance, their lifespan can vary and is dependent on a variety of factors (e.g., weather conditions). For more information on the durability of monument signs, contact us at +1 478 315 9944 for a free consultation.
    What is the best material for monument signs?
    Most monument signs are made of common but durable materials like concrete, stucco, aluminum, glass, stone, steel, sandblasted wood, and brick, among others. They can also be illuminated with LED lights, making these signs hard to miss. Contact us at +1 478 315 9944 to learn more about the best material for your monument.
    What is the perfect size for monument signs?
    Monument signs are large, typically 6 to 15 ft wide, and low, 4 to 9 ft high, freestanding signs located at the entrance road to a residential community or town, a park, a church, a corporation, an industrial park, a large farm or estate, or a hotel or resort. Depending on the purpose of your signage, this size can be adjusted according to your business preferences. Contact us today and speak with our team of experts for the best size for your sign.
    Can my old monument sign be repaired?
    Yes, they definitely can be repaired. Paint that was chipped or graphics that were faded can be refurbished and function like a new sign. Here at Super Custom Signs, we provide maintenance and repair services for all your signage needs. Contact us today to learn more about this service.
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